Yourgene Bioscience, is a specialist sequencing and bioinformatics company that was acquired by Premaitha Health plc in March 2017. Yourgene is a leading provider of non-invasive prenatal screening technologies and services across Asia, with facilities in Taipei and Singapore.

Sage™ prenatal screen is a new advanced non-invasive prenatal screening solution using the latest developments in DNA technology to detect placental DNA in maternal blood. Sage™ offers a menu-based chromosome analysis to estimate the risk of a fetus having Down’s syndrome and other genetic disorders. Customised screening for clinicians and laboratories from full clinical service to local laboratory set-ups with remote cloud-based NIPT analysis. Enabling pregnant women and their families fast, safe and reliable results and reducing the need for invasive tests and the associated risks, stress and anxiety.

Yourgene Bioscience

Yourgene Laboratory Services provide high quality genetic testing and bioinformatics solutions across a range of applications with a varied portfolio of genetic tests in the field of oncology, reproductive health and cardiology with further tests in the pipeline. The laboratory is located in Taipei, Taiwan and is ISO17025 accredited and certified with the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).

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